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Raw, Real & Vulnerable with Bek Antonucci

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What is up you beautiful human 🦋 Welcome to the Raw, Real and Vulnerable podcast with me your host Bek Antonucci. This is the podcast where we can leave the filtered, curated and socially acceptable version of ourselves at the theoretical door and walk into a world of radical self expression, true authenticity and deep vulnerability. I have supported hundreds of women worldwide to break free from shame, break through unworthiness, activate their unique voice and unlock their most confident, accepting, and authentic expression of themselves and it is my mission to touch the lives of millions of women more. This podcast is for you if you're a stigma fighter, a shame slayer, a woman desiring to call in her aligned partner, or simply a woman sick of not showing the fuck up to her life as her true, authentic self. I'll take you behind the scenes into my world, my life, my relationship, and my business, and give you a glimpse into what it actually looks like to say a big fuck you to our limiting beliefs, break free entirely from societal stigmas and live your full fuck yes life; alive, passionately and on purpose from a heart aligned, unfiltered and expressed space.I get SO lit up by every single conversation I have with my community 💜 so come and say hi on Instagram @bekantonucci I am beyond pumped to welcome you into my world!